Monday, April 27, 2009

BLOOMINGTON KITCHEN INCUBATOR 2 0 0 9 P i l o t C l i e n t s

I participated in the Luna Festival Sunday in the Showers building and to my delight the BLOOMINGTON KITCHEN INCUBATOR 2 0 0 9 P i l o t C l i e n t s were there giving out samples of their delicious products! They are all a delicious addition to local food products available in Bloomington, Indiana. I will share what information comes my way.

Katherine (Kat) Forgacs founded Kat’s Kitchen to provide South Central Indiana with “Good Food, Gluten-Free.” Kat’s Kitchen will source the best available
organic and/or local ingredients to create gluten-free, dairy-free prepared meals and baked goods at an affordable price. No more frustration over a gluten-free lifestyle! All of Kat’s products will clearly identify the presence of the most common allergens, including soy, nuts, corn, rice, and potato. No gluten or dairy ingredients will be used, and cross-contamination will be diligently avoided.

Kat’s Kitchen evolved out of a need for more freshly-made, gluten-free and dairy-free food choices in Central Indiana. Kat strives to create interesting, unique, and healthy alternatives to allergen-laden foods. Consumers will benefit by increasing their take-home meal options, by avoiding shipping fees and higher prices of non-local gluten-free bakers, and by knowing that they are supporting their local farmers and food producers.

For more information on products or special orders, contact Kat at, or visit for recipes, tips, and more information on life after gluten.

Alex Kroh says, “Bread Spreads was started
to celebrate the special relationship between the grain and legume. Bread Spreads is taking locally grown edamame and fava beans to create two delicious recipes, Edamame
Hummus and Fava Bean Salad.

“What is so special about these two foods, you ask? Just about everything, depending on who wants to know. Want a healthy snack? Both grains and beans are non-processed/
whole foods packed with nutrients that help to lower your cholesterol while being
virtually fat free. Don’t eat meat? The grain and legume combo is important because
complimentary amino acids allow your body to synthesize protein, which can be scarce in a meat free diet. In a recession? Since grains and legumes are widely grown throughout the world in large amounts, they come together to create inexpensive food for people who are on a budget. Enjoy unique, delicious food? Almost every culture has their own version of a grain/legume combination so the pantry of humanity is full of authentically tasty recipes waiting to be enjoyed.” Find out more at

Joy Shayne Laughter, Founder and President
of Spreadable GOOD and a Bloomington
native, developed Mo’ Buttah! as a healthier
peanut butter alternative. Mo’ Buttah! blends whole-food sources of calcium, iron, and minerals with peanut butter and sunflower butter to make spreads
with a lighter texture than other nut butters, perfect for spreading, dipping, and mixing into your own recipes. Peanut and Sunflower offer their ingredients’ familiar robust flavors, while Peanut Spice and Sunflower Spice are exciting taste alternatives for adventurous palates. Sunflower flavors are made without soy products. All Mo’ Buttah! is dairy-free and vegan-friendly. Healthy and delicious
has got to be Mo’ Buttah!

Spreadable GOOD was founded to develop healthful snacks for low-income children
and teens who rely on non-profit programs for regular meals. Profits from sales of Mo’ Buttah! support production of Mo’ Buttah! for this mission.

will be coming soon to Bloomington. Hope’s products will include homemade cheesecakes, custom desserts, and baked goods including unique cookies, brownies
and “down-home” style cakes and breads - “Baked goods like you would if you could.”
All products will be highest quality, contain no added preservatives and will feature whole and locally-produced ingredients as much as possible. Hope says, “I am a Bloomington resident of 24 years, a graduate of Indiana University with a diverse past and work history including retail, banking, domestic work as a nanny and customer service and sales. I have worked for the past fifteen years to establish a
consistent and secure home for my children.

About the Bloomington Kitchen Incubator

The Bloomington Kitchen Incubator is a non- profit organization supporting farmers and entrepreneurs as they develop new successful food businesses that strengthen and expand the regional food economy. Members can take advantage of a variety of services that include business planning and development, access to a licensed kitchen, food product development, identifying
market opportunities, compliance with legal and health code regulations, office services, appropriate storage and warehousing options. This work is done in a cooperative atmosphere, which allows members to share in best practices, negotiate for bulk discounts and other benefits.

To learn more about the BKI, please contact Bobbi Boos at 812-272-3656 or, or check out our developing website:

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