Friday, March 21, 2014

Cooking Class in Japanese Zen Temple, Bloomington, Indiana

I have had the extreme pleasure of eating food prepared by Yuko and know that she is very passionate about cooking and food as a delicious art!



Cooking class at a Japanese Zen Temple
in Bloomington Indiana.

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Wednesday, March 05, 2014

Food News Updated

A new issue of Food News is now live!  Since it is spring the focus is on seeds and their importance to sustainable communities.  I appreciate all who are out there supporting and promoting real food that can be accessible and maintained by any gardener or farmer.

~In this issue we offer Shout Outs to some small businesses and some really large organizations and mention a few things that seem to pop up regularly in conversations
~We look at what is happening to the Family Farm and the real cost of big agriculture as we know it
~Chemicals in the water, cost to our land and children
~Urban Agriculture
~Green Schools
~Why Say No to GMO and Ask for labeling
~Seafood update
And more

Thank you for your interest and may you plant some open-pollinated seeds.  And may you hold onto good gardening and husbandry practices.