Saturday, October 27, 2007

Local Food at "Simply Healthy:Creating Sustainable Communities"

Simply Healthy:Creating Sustainable Communities" Simply Living Fair and Wellness Expo, November 9th and 10th, 2007 is pleased to announce these food related workshops and presentations. Food Works of Middleway House will be set up in the Vendor/Exhibition area.

ve Well, Eat Locally" by Maggie Sullivan We are what we eat! Supporting local sustainable agriculture is not always easy, but the benefitsare well worth it.
Where does your food come from? How was it grown? Did the farmer who grew it receive a fair wage? Has your food traveled further than you went on your last vacation? Come hear about how eating locally can make a difference in your health, the health of the environment, the strength of the local food economy, and the strength of your community. Maggie Sullivan is the director of the Local Growers Guild, a cooperative of small farms in southern and central Indiana.PO Box 2553, Bloomington, IN 47402-2553.

Green Living for a Healthier Life - Scarlett Winter, ND
This presentation explores how the old-fashioned values of using just what you need, farming and living in harmony with nature, and building communities may lead to drastically positive changes in the health and wellness of nations. Visit me in the Vendors Area.

Imagining a Future. Beyond Sustainability. Brandon Pitcher - Come and learn from some of the most exciting projects in systems design from around the world. ZERI (Zero Emissions Research and Initiatives) Practitioner, and 5 KDC Director, Brandon Pitcher, will expose you to several projects undertaken around the globe as well as here in Indiana. Inspired by Nature, innovations in health care, food, water, education, shelter, energy, and job creation will be explored. Please join in this fascinating look at what can be done when a group of committed individuals decide to go for their dreams.

Cooking with Herbs! (Children's Program) with Anna Tosick - Learn what fun herbs can be in the kitchen! We will make delicious herbal snacks and have an herbal tea party.

The Art of Healing with Whole Foods: Chinese Food Energetics Andy Reed -
In this workshop the student will learn how to make an Ayurvedic Healing spice paste based on Asian food energetics. Asian food energetics will be introduced to assist students to make dietary choices based on Traditional Asian Medical Theory. Understanding Asian food energetics can significantly increase our health by learning which foods are appropriate for us to eat as an individual. Foods which strengthen the immune system, promote the flow of qi, and otherwise assist the healing process will be presented. A simple Asian spice detoxification paste will be prepared which has been shown to prevent cancer, pacify inflammation, promote detoxification, and help to balance the bodies energetics.

PERMACULTURE - Want to stop global warming, restore the earth, reclaim eroded or damaged soil, live sustainably, grow food, and make your back yard a food forest? Permaculture knows how. Introduction and conversation about basic principles and practices of Permaculture. Led by
Andy Reed and Shodo Spring, members of the Bloomington Permaculture Guild.

Food Works for Middleway House is a full service catering business owned and operated by Middle Way House, an abused women's shelter in Bloomington, Indiana.Working to provide opportunities to women who are victims of domestic violence to become economically self-sufficient while providing real culinary skills, a safe and supportive work environment, and a valuable work history. Our goal to provide meals that are healthy, tasty and varied, and low in sodium sugar and fats. (812) 219-9525 or visit us online at

The 2nd Annual ''Simply Healthy: Creating Sustainable Communities” Simply Living Fair and Wellness Expo of the Indiana Holistic Health Network will take place November 9th and 10th, 2007 in the Unitarian Universalist Church, 2120 N. Fee Lane, Bloomington. This holistic, simply living and spiritual lifestyle fair and expo is presented this year by the Indiana Holistic Health Network and the Center for Sustainable Living in collaboration with the Caldwell Center. This year’s event incorporates the Simply Living Fair of the Center for Sustainable Living.

"Simply Healthy" will feature more than 20 workshops, a Free Vendors area where you can purchase art and holistic products, have psychic and astrological readings, eat food, discuss holistic services, attend a Healing Sound Concert and participate in '''Susun Weed, Herbalist and author's "Green Blessings, the Wise Woman Way" workshop and keynote presentation "Seven Medicines"!'''

“Simply Healthy” plans to be a great community opportunity to explore simply living, holistic and alternative health topics and resources through lectures, workshops and talking with experts.

After a day of workshops, relax Friday evening at the 7pm'''Healing Sound Concert'' fundraiser for the Simply Healthy Fair and Expo (only $11 in advance). Featuring the Women of Mass Percussion, Sally Todd, Pianist, Curtis Cantwell Jackson, Singer-Songwriter, The Gandharvas, poetry of Anna Tosick and Patricia C. Coleman, The Gandharvas and “Calling the Sounds of White Buffalo Calf Woman” with Lisa-Marie Napoli, Jeffrey Miller, Bil Whitefeather and other special guests. Native American drum, flute, and crystal singing bowls combine to create a multi-sensory performance celebrating the prophecy of White Buffalo Calf Woman. Her legend foretells of a time when civilization enters the Fifth World – a Time of Peace and Harmony.Opening Words by Reverend Barbara Carlson.

This concert offers a variety of sounds and ideas with the intent of putting forth healing vibrations. Healing Sound Concert Tickets can be purchased at Wandering Turtle Gallery at 224 North College Avenue, Bloomington (cash or check only).

To top off you Saturday, November 10th workshops, or your day with Susun, at 7:00pm come listen as Susun Weed will end "Simply Healthy" with her FREE keynote presentation '''"Seven Medicines" with special attention to cancer.


Friday and Saturday Workshops, November 9th and 10th from 9:00am to 5:00 pm – choose from more than 20 workshops and presentations - $45/$40 Seniors and Students

Friday, 7:00pm - Healing Sound Concert -). Featuring the Women of Mass Percussion, Sally Todd, Pianist, Curtis Cantwell Jackson, Singer-Songwriter, The Gandharvas, poetry of Anna Tosick and Patricia C. Coleman, The Gandharvas and “Calling the Sounds of White Buffalo Calf Woman” with Lisa-Marie Napoli, Jeffrey Miller, Bil Whitefeather and other special guests. Opening Words by Reverend Barbara Carlson. Tickets can be purchased at Wandering Turtle Gallery at 224 North College Avenue, Bloomington ($11 cash or check only).

Saturday, November 10th '''Susun Weed in “Green Blessings, the Wise Woman Way”''' Workshop $100/$75 Seniors and Students

Saturday evening, at 7:00pm, Susun Weed will present a FREE Keynote on “Seven Medicines”- with special attention to cancer

For complete information about "Simply Healthy: Creating Sustainable Communities" and to register, visit

Concert Tickets Available at Wandering Turtle Gallery, 224 North College Avenue, Bloomington

If you have questions contact - mail.ihhn(at), or Call - 812-331-0886

Please note that there will be an $5 additional charged at the door.

There are many VOLUNTEER OPPORTUNITIES AVAILABLE, email us at the address above and someone will contact you!

This Sponsored and supported by: Indiana Holistic Health Network, Center for Sustainable Living, The Good Life Alternative, Mountain Rose Herbs, Green Sanctuary Task Force of the Unitarian Universalist Church of Bloomington, Women Writing for a Change, Local Food, Caldwell Center, Green Dove Network, Inc., Wind River Acupuncture, WFHB Community Radio, BLOOM Mag, Quilter’s Comfort, with support from, HART ROCK, Holistic Affordable Housing (H!A!H!), WME3, Wonderlab, Home Renovators, Wildwood Furniture, One World Enterprises, Wandering Turtle Art Gallery, Avers, Indiana Living Green Magazine, Fons and Porter Quilting, Howard’s Book Store, Douglas Chamberlain, Soma Coffeehouse and Juice Bar and Laughing Planet CafĂ©, and Tendre Press.

For information, visit the website at or call 812-331-0886

Local Food Panel Discussion

The Green Sanctuary Task Force on Global Climate Change is hosting a panel discussion on local food at the Unitarian Universalist Church in Bloomington (2120 North Fee Lane) on Sunday, October 28 from 6:15 - 7:45pm.

Three panelists, Marti Crouch, Christine Barbour and Teresa Birtles, will discuss:

  • differences between sustainable agriculture and the agribusiness model&
  • the anticipated effects of global climate change on agriculture&
  • the benefits of buying locally grown and raised food&
  • options for purchasing local food products, even in the winter.

After introductory comments, there will be an opportunity to ask questions of the panelists. For more information, call Marcia Veldman at (812) 988-4956 or email her at