Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Food for the Holidays!


 It is the time of year when roots rise to the top of my grocery list, though some roots, I admit, never leave.  Oven roasting is quick and the results are delicious.  I have been pleased each time I simply coat the skins of sweets, onions and garlic then bake.  First the sweets and onions,  adding the oiled garlic bulb and loose cloves during the last 15 minutes. 

A roasted roots dinner of sweets potato, onion, garlic, a little local chicken and lancinato kale seasoned with
Quilter's Comfort's L.A.O. Seasoning.  Kale is steamed in a small amount of water.

This busy season is full of food!  Cooking, sharing, eating and appreciating!  Yes, I love food and am inspired by it and sharing it with love.   As Local Food Bloomington closes out 2015 an update to Food News and Local Food Bloomington is underway.  We hope it is up by early January 2016.

We are excited about some local food articles and interviews that will grave the update.

And a shout out to Quilter's Comfort and the range of jellies, herbal, fruit, wine and the beer jelly made from locally crafted beer (exception is the Chocolate Raspberry Stout organic) and to Wheat Ale HipHop.  More about why I mention this particular beer will appear in Food News.

If we don't make it back here before year's end, THANK YOU, and may this end of year and the NEW BE VERY WONDERFUL!

Food Fairy

Thursday, December 03, 2015

Trigos Bakery, A Family Tradition

Hello and I hope you are enjoying great celebrations!

A sweet discovery!  A tiny bakery offering traditional Mexican pastries in Bloomington.   For months I drove by the sign for bakery wondering what types of goodies it was creating.    One day, I stopped in and discovered Iban Heredia and tasted my first pastry. a CONCHITAS Pan Dulce and learned of some challenges with ordinances he is working through.  

May things be favorably resolved and more of the community have the opportunity to taste his sweets and savories.    A friend said, it is these  special little places that really are a key element in making  a community great.

To see tasty bakery postings and read appreciative comments check out Trigos Bakery on Facebook 

Thanks for stopping by and if you have the opportunity to visit Trigos Bakery, drop Local Food a note.

Delicious food to you,