Monday, April 19, 2010

Save Bradford Woods for MCCSC - Food for the Children

(I think of this place as food to nuture awareness of being and place.

Save Bradford Woods for MCCSC

For more than fifty years, Monroe County fifth graders have been spending time in the woods, enjoying nature and learning about ecosystems and the need to conserve resources. This year, the school corporation has eliminated all funding for future trips to Bradford Woods. A grassroots action organization,"Save Bradford Woods for MCCSC," has formed to raise funds to reinstate Bradford Woods outdoor education program in the Monroe County schools budget for the coming year. The need is urgent and immediate: $40,000 must be raised by May 15th to enable Monroe County fifth-graders to attend Bradford Woods in 2010--2011.

Concerned citizens can donate online directly to the MCCS Foundation via their website ( To ensure that online donations are targeted to support the Bradford Woods campaign, donors must a) select "Designated Gift" in the "Purpose of Gift" pull down menu, AND b) type "Bradford Woods" in the "Related Gift Information" field.

Additionally, starting Monday, April 19, all Bloomingfoods cash registers will be equipped with the means to enable customers to donate funds to the MCCSC Foundation earmarked specifically for Bradford Woods.

“Save Bradford Woods for MCCSC” encourages all concerned citizens to join this effort to ensure that local schoolchildren continue to benefit from the experience of outdoor education. In this time of crises in the environment and in children’s health, outdoor education has never been more important. The time to act is now! Join with us to save Bradford Woods for MCCSC!

For more information or to get involved check us out on Facebook (Save Bradford Woods for MCCSC) or visit the Support Public Education in Monroe County booth at the Farmer’s Market.

Bedford Farmer's Market Vendor Sign-up Open House

On April 20, 2010 - Bedford Farmers' Market Vendor Sign-up Open House - The Bedford Farmers’ Market will be holding a vendor open house at the Purdue Extension office, 924 16th Street, Bedford on Tuesday, April 20th from 6:30 to 8:30 p.m. to register new and returning vendors for the 2010 market season. Vendor contracts will be distributed, a brief orientation will be conducted, WIC sign-up information will be available, and market representatives will be on-hand to answer questions. For more information, contact Jack Clark at (812)834-5345. Presenter: Farmers' Market Board. Contact: Jack Clark-(812)834-5345. Age Range: All Ages. Tuesday, 6:30 PM – 8:30 PM. Purdue Extension office, 924 16th Street, Bedford.

victory Gardens: Our once and Future Food Security - Talk

Victory Gardens: Our once and Future Food Security - April 21st This talk will give a brief overview of the history of victory gardens and their contribution to American food security, followed by a proposal to reintroduce them to enhance contemporary food security. Resources for successful victory gardening will be provided. Part of a week long series of events for Earth Day sponsored by the City Commissions on Sustainability, Historic Preservation and the Environment. Presenter: Dr. Michael SImmons, Bloomington Parks and Recreation. Contact: Age Range: Adults. Wednesday, 7:30 PM – 9:30 PM. McCloskey Room City Hall 401 N. Morton Bloomington.

The Art of CHOCOLATE, Signature Truffles at The Venue

The Art of Chocolate, Signature Truffles at the Venue On Tuesday, April 20th, beginning at 6:00pm. The Venue Fine Art & Gifts will host a demonstration of the creation of one’s own Signature Chocolate Truffle. You will be instructed in how to take a fine quality Chocolate Truffle, coat it with tastes and spices of your own choosing, to create a wonderful chocolate taste that is uniquely your own. Your Signature Truffle. All you have to do is show up. Everything else, including chocolate, spices, tastes, gloves and wine, will be provided. The only limit is your imagination. This demonstration is presented by The Venue and students from the Human Computer Interaction Division, Department of Informatics, Indiana University. Presenter: The Venue, Fine Art & Gifts. Contact: David or Gabriel Colman. Cost: Free. Ticket Phone: 812-339-4200. Tuesday, , 6:00 PM – 8:00 PM. The Venue, Fine Art & Gifts 114 S. Grant St Bloomington IN 47408.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Spring and Lovely Violets!

A few days ago, while in conversation with a friend over the telephone, I looked out at a yard literally covered with violets. In that moment, I decided to once again make a batch of violet wine. Looking toward the sky, I knew that I must pick my blossoms before leaving the house that next day. After gathering my herbal notebook to review my previous violet wine making notes, I saw that it had been eleven years since the last batch was made. The next day after morning coffee and chores, I went out to the least walked areas and began picking violets. I picked the violet blossoms into a glass measuring cup. Gathering it full one after another glass measuring cup full, until I six cups of slightly pressed down flowers (more like seven cups or so)had been gathered; enough to make three gallons of wine, now into its third day of covered fermentation.

I love the citrus yeasty smell and the sound of the bubbling, popping sound of yeast feeding. I am reacquainting myself with the fact of violet flowers and leaves as a really great source of Vitamin C, and easily make a nice addition to salads or steamed vegies, or soup dishes.

I'll gather a few cups of violet flowers and leaves for drying, for use in soups and seasoning this winter.

Saturday, April 03, 2010


Edy's Ice Cream is giving away a free orchard, and in Bloomington the
necessary space has already been donated, and the fresh fruit from the orchard
would go to a local food bank!

You can help make this happen.

All you need to do is vote electronically: Go to Edy's website at - click 'list by state',
find Indiana in the list, click on Bloomington, enter your name and
email address and click on "Plant my Vote".

The city that gets the most votes, gets the orchard. Btown is in a
neck-and-neck race with one other place! Please vote for Bloomington
today and every day through the end of August, using the e-mail addresses in your household.

Thanks! and Pass it on...