Thursday, February 18, 2016

Local Food Updates and Food News

Hello Local Food Readers,

A lot has happened since the last posting of food events.  It is now easy to see the updating that I have been speaking of for many months.  Many of Local Food pages have been updated (more to come), including  Food News  that has of information about food both in the Bloomington area, but global connections of interest.

2016 is the Year of Pulses which are legumes, beans and peas.  The intro page to Local Food has a list of some remaining heirloom seeds; some names are familiar and many are not.  Following are links to a few of the Food News Articles.  Disturbing article on 90% of the certified organic corn now sold in the US comes from Europe!  A pleasing interview with Executive Chef Padraig Cullen of the Upland in Bloomington, Indiana as well as a luscious pear processing article by Glenda Breeden who has been processing food for her family table most of her life.   There is lots going on in the EU as more than 50% of countries have now banned Monsanto and many others pulling Roundup and other products off their shelves.  We continue to keep a focus on bees, fraking (as water must be protected) and much more.  

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