Tuesday, April 22, 2014


In a few hours a small group of friends will gather in Patricia's Wellness Cafe & Quilter's Comfort Teas, to share an Earth Dinner.  Each person has been asked to bring a dish containing at least one food ingredient from our local community and be willing to share something about the food.  During the evening, we plan on sharing thoughts about local food, and how we see our selves supporting local food today and any ideas for future involvement.

I've prepared a soup featuring O'Henry Sweet Potatoes, an heirloom grown by Sun Circle Farm and purchased at the local coop.  To accompany this, I have roasted garlic stuffed muffins made using a variety of organic grains, including local Agape cornmeal; flours of barley, brown rice and whole wheat pastry.  The garlic came from my friend Glenda's garden in Owen county.  I picked up commercial gmo-free corn chips for the Everything Dip made using plain yogurt and my locally made certified organic Quilter's Comfort L.A.O. EVERYTHING Plus Popcorn seasoning to make a delicious dip everyone loves!  I will also be serving Quilter's Comfort's Gingery Mint (other teas will be available as requested) and a wine from the Butler Vineyard.

Where ever you are, thank you for reading and have a great Earth Day everyday!