Thursday, April 30, 2009

May Day at the Bloomington, IN Farmers Market!

The Bloomington Quarry Morris Dancers will be at the Bloomington Farmers Market at noon—ITS MAY and they will perform their annual dances! Image is from their website at

From 10 a.m.- noon enjoy the 2009 Asian Fest at the Bloomington Farmers' Market takes place in the Showers atrium and outdoor stage area, in conjunction with the farmers' market.

Enjoy the diversity within Asian cultures through a children's art and poster exhibition, cooking demonstrations, cultural performances, art crafts and games. There will be a free henna and calligraphy demonstration, face painting, caricature art and a raffle drawing.

Cooking demonstrations will feature Japanese, Chinese, Indian, Vietnamese and Filipino dishes. Games include making masks from Asia, learning Korean folk games, Go game, Asian roulette and the Skittles Chopstick Challenge.
Entertainment includes Bollywood dances, sword dances, folk songs, music on the Japanese shakuhachi and "Kokdugakshi" (a form of marionette).

Among the performers: - a selection of Japanese folk and ensemble traditions to contemporary compositions, played on Japanese shakuhachi, by Tyler Fry and flute by Minori Inada;

- folk songs, Bhajans, and classical dance from India, Parts 1 and 2 by Rama Cousik, Jyotsna Sundaresan, Paresh Mishra, with percussion by Hari Shankar and Shiva Shankar and dance by Dhanalakshmi;

- Mongolian folk song by Delgerbat and Ochmaa Escue Dasheveg;
- Indian Dance to Desh Rangeela by Bindi-ana South Asian Girls' Club.
Dance choreographed by Ruchi Shah and Preya Dave;

- Indian Bollywood Dance by Ruchi Shah, who will perform a style of Indian dance frequently featured in Bollywood films;

"Bayad" by Solongo Tseveen;
- Taiji Sword Dance by Xiuyu Cai, Kiuyomi Macy, Sue Kim and Jiangmei Wu;
- "Dadas" by Erin Wilson - a traditional healing dance (adapted for the
stage) from the island of Borneo in Indonesia;

- "Kokdugakshi" (a form of marionette) by Korean School of Bloomington;

- and Indian dance to a medley of popular Bollywood songs by Nishi Patel, Nikhita Bhateja, Anisha Kumar, and Priyanka Dube.

For more information, e-mail or call 856-5361.

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