Friday, May 06, 2011

Morel Mushrom Haiku and Pictures

A week ago Tuesday, my son in law and daughter visited for his birthday. Before coming in to say hello, they spent about ten minutes walking around the house and these are the beautiful morels they found in that short time!

I wrote a few (very quick)Haiku's to accompany them.


Blessings of mushrooms to all.

Abundant Morels
Look before you take a step
Mushrooms everywhere

Morels cooking with
onions and garlic cozy
along the pans edge

Look at the size of
These morels tall, full fleshed
Delicate of taste

I want to bite these
Morel mushrooms all up, NOW
even uncooked

I know I am ahead of the season, yet, I am wondering if the Chanterelle's will be as abundant. If so, yum yum yum!

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