Thursday, May 14, 2009

Green Drinks Bloomington

Green Drinks Bloomington premiered the fourth Wednesday in March so I made the mistake of thinking it was a Green Drink event with lots of green drinks, and I was not interested. Then a friend called inviting me to hear someone speak about solar panels in Bloomington - at something called Green Drinks. So I went, saw quite a few familiar faces and learned more about who was doing what with local solar development. After the brief presentation, the mic is open for others to announce something about themselves and their green work.

The second time I went, the program featured Scott Russell Sanders speaking about some key themes in his latest book, A Conservationist Manifesto. I got us the nerve to go up and make an introduction. It was a brief one as I was quite shaken. But, I will return, and it will be easier next time, as I will plan ahead and write may announcement.

This month Green Drinks Bloomington gathering is May 27th with Maggie Sullivan speaking about "the Local Growers Guild", 5:30 - 8:00pm at Banquet facility of Upland Brewing Company, 11th Street (off College St.)

This event is open to anyone who is interested in green issues and each is encouraged to bring a friend.

Cost: There's a requested donation of $5. Some finger food will be provided.

Green Drinks Bloomington will be on the fourth Wednesday of every month at locations to be announced.

Contact: To be added to the monthly evite or if you're interested in presenting:

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