Thursday, May 14, 2009

Kitchen Incubator - Hannah's Homemade Granola

Hannah had some of here granola available at this years Luna Festival for local tasters to enjoy.

Hannah's Homemade Granola birthed from the scenic north woods of Minnesota and Canada. I began making the granola this past summer, and it soon came to be quite the popular snack among my family and friends. Its chewy texture sets it apart from all other granolas; making it easier to chew and offering more consumption options. My granola can be eaten hot, cold, with milk, alone, hot and with milk (oatmeal anyone?!) or with a favorite yogurt. Its high protein content makes it a breakfast food that really keeps a person full all morning long, and its long shelf life allows them to take it just about anywhere. Made with a peanut butter base with added dried cranberries, honey, wheat bran and rolled oats, it's an absolute kid favorite. But with no added sugar, it's a parent favorite as well. Alternatives are orders with melted bittersweet chocolate and chopped walnuts- a combination to be savored! Hannah's Homemade Granola is a tribute to the treacherous backcountry, the memories I have of it, and hopefully the times to come. For more information you can email me at

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