Saturday, February 29, 2020

Looking for Local Food and Green Dove?

Looking for Local Food Bloomington and maybe Green Dove? 

                                                (spring is almost here!  Soon violets!)

 When things are all sorted out, we (meaning me, has) have a new address!  Local Food Information -  My food post will focus more on the home table. 

I am not sure if I will bring Green Dove back.  I don't have the heart or the energy. 

I will be posting here as a check in for Local Food as it becomes Local Food Information.  

I am setting up interviews with people on the Wellness Arts - CREATIVELY BEING Chanel, and there will be a mixture of creative interest and definitely, there will be  food and art and I hope song and laughter and good story! 

Recipes, including the Persimmon Biscuit recipe be up with the rest of Local Food Bloomington website.  In time, if I do anything, all the resource information will shift to Local Food Information.  

Though not recipes, you can see my food.  I welcome your questions.

I hope to get the Local Food pages up on the Local Food Information website as soon as I get the ftp sorted out.

Thanks for reading.



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