Thursday, April 09, 2020

FREE Baking Education Classes and Resources


I hope that you and yours are well and handling self-isolation well.

This amazing man/chef Jose Andres On Why Food is a National Security Issue



Baking education resources from Local Food Bloomington's Baking/Bakery page. 

I/Local Food am still here.  It seems really ironic that Local Food/Green Dove went offline at a time when local food as a resource  has become extreamly important.  Folks will have to turn now to the farmers and gardeners who have been working steadily to  bring local foods to communities.  Many are waking up to the idea that local food security is a real issue and that this basic need is threatened in a way only imagined in science fiction.  Speaking of sci-fi, I have been asked if this virus is a possible result of the chemical soup of gmo agri-business or who knows what.  I only know that we are here at this crossroads, and that many have become or are becoming really aware of what foods are important to them and how they regularly access those foods. 

Many have turned, (using store shelves as as my basis) to traditional staples of dried fruits, nuts, grains, legumes, seeds, oils, pastas, canned goods; simple foods of high nutritional value that can be easily stored for periods of time and useful in a variety of cooking styles. 

I am grateful to every food store that is open.  I wish for everyone to be safe.  Wear a mask when out in the world even if you don't believe it necessary because it may save your or another person's life.  I do not like wearing the mast, but when I need to shop, I wear one.  Do this little thing that seems to have a huge impact.

Though not food, I am wondering why the building trades in my town are still working?  I could see if they were rushing to get homes for the needy citizens, but that is not the case.     



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